XPE Laminating Machine

XPE Laminating Machine

XPE laminating machine is used for laminating EPE, PEF, XPE with PE film, OPP film, aluminum foil, PVC film, knitted cotton, textiles, etc. Besides, its roller has embossing, so it can make different patterns on the product. It can make 3D XPE wall stickers, climbing mats, yoga mats, picnic mats etc. This machine is easy to operate and the embossing is very clear.

XPE Bonding Machine/XPE Thickening Machine Video

Advantages of our XPE laminating machine:

1. The embossing roller has large diameter(270mm), the pattern can be customized according to customers’ requirement.

2. It has hydraulic automatic deviation rectifier, tension controller and magnetic powder clutch to make sure no waste is made, so that the buyer can save cost. 

3. The heating box has unique structure which is never deformed. The air blown by the fan is evenly distributed through the distribution box, and the hot air is blown out through the upper hole of the hot box to melt the surface of XPE and PE film, and sticks them together by the pressing of the roller. 

4. The surface treatment of the laminating roller is well made so the precision of the finished product is perfect. 

5. It has automatic electronic thermostat to ensure the constant temperature in the heating box.

6. The design of pneumatic system is unique, it is precise and stable. 

XPE laminating machine can make XPE climbing mat, XPE moisture-proof mat and XPE wall paper. 

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Extrusion lamination machine(extrusion coating lamination machine) is used to compound EPE sheets and PE color film. The products after laminating are used as beach mats, floor mats, moisture-proof mats, picnic mats, etc. Because EPE products has a good effect of anti-collision so it can protect the kids well, and the mats after laminating is waterproof, besides, it has colorful patterns which can attract the babies’ attention, these mats with thickness 5mm-20mm are used for kids’ crawling in China. Many babies are crawling, playing and learning to walk on these EPE mats.