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epe foam sheet making machine

In recent years many foreign customers bought EPE extruders to make sheets with thickness of 3cm, 5cm or 9cm. Because EPE foam has advantages of thermal insulation, moisture resistance, waterproof and collision prevention, especially because they are of low cost, people put these sheets on the floor to take the place of beds. They are very popular with customers in many developing countries such as India and African countries.

Extrusion lamination machine(extrusion coating lamination machine) is used to compound EPE sheets and PE color film. The products after laminating are used as beach mats, floor mats, moisture-proof mats, picnic mats, etc.

Because EPE products has a good effect of anti-collision so it can protect the kids well, and the mats after laminating is waterproof, besides, it has colorful patterns which can attract the babies’ attention, these mats with thickness 5mm-20mm are used for kids’ crawling in China. Many babies are crawling, playing and learning to walk on these EPE mats.