Epe Cutting Machine/Epe Foam Cutting Machine

Epe Cutting Machine,Epe Foam Cutting Machine

We have different kinds of epe cutting machines(Epe Foam Cutting Machine)——to cut thin epe sheets into small pieces for packing, to cut thick sheets into mattress, to cut EVA products, etc.  You can tell us about your purpose, then we can recommend the right cutting machine for you.

I.EPE Mat Cutting Machine/Full-auto EPE Cutting machine(Epe Foam Cutting Machine):


1.PLC control system.  Servo motor feed the material. More knives for more sizes. It can make both crosscut and slitting.

2.The height of the pressing roller is adjusted electrically. The cutting speed is adjustable.

3. It can use either single-phase or 3-phase electricity.

4.The product size can be adjusted easily. 

Material Feeding Width




        Cutting Thickness

0.3~100mm(special size can be customized)

        Cutting Speed


Total Power


The cutting machine is controlled by PLC, the cutting height value can be set freely. Minimum thickness is 0.3mm. The cutting width depends on the blade quantity. The blade quantity depends on the material width. It is easy to operate and the performance is stable.
     We can customize the epe cutting machine according to customers&#8217; requirements.

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