Epe Foam Extruder/Epe Foam Sheet Extruder

Epe Foam Extruder/Epe Foam Sheet Extruder

EXW PRICE:$45,000.00~$150,000.00

EPE extruding machine(Epe Foam Sheet Extruder), also known as epe foam extruder, epe extruders, epe extruding production line, pe foam sheet extrusion line.it is mainly used to make epe foam sheets. It melts LDPE resins and then mix it with butane, talcum powder, anti-shrinkage additive and other additives, then extrude it by the extruder and then foam it at the mould part. Later the foamed products pass the shaping circles and get the size we want, finally we roll the sheets. 

Epe Foam Extruder,Epe Foam Sheet Extruder

EPE foam sheet is a degradable new type of packing material, it is flexible, shock proof so it has excellent performance of decompression and shock resistance. Because it is low-cost but has good quality, it is widely used in the packaging of many different products such as electronic products, household appliances, computers, bicycles, furnitures, shoes, glass products, etc.

EPE Foam (Expanded Polyethylene Foam)

Products are not only protected from damage by water, but also by chemicals, fungus and static. The superior properties of Expanded Polyethylene Foam along with its abilities to absorb a large amount of shock, give rise to it as a necessity when handling and shipping products.

EPE Foam (Expanded Polyethylene Foam) Application:

Packing and cushioning material for light electrical applicants and precision machine parts.

Packing and cushioning material for glass and ceramics.

Surface protective material for stainless steel product, plated product and aluminium construction material

Thermal insulating for the roof and air condition

EPE foam sheet
EPE foam sheet

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Epe Foam Extruder Price

EPE foam extruder(Epe Foam Sheet Extruder) is mainly composed of the following main parts:

1.Screw: It is refined from 38CrMnALA nitrided steel. Heat treatment quenching and tempering and nitriding treatment and surface treatment chrome plating make the screw have the characteristics of high strength and high surface hardness, thereby improving the service life of the screw. The L / D  ratio is 55:1, which improves the plasticizing ability and quality of the screw.

2.Barrel: Refined from 38CrMnALA nitrided steel. After heat treatment (quenching + nitriding), it can prevent long-term use loss. The barrel is connected to the feed section and the die device by a flange.

3.Material feeding section: The two ends of the feeding section connect with the screw barrel and gearbox. The raw material enters the extruder through this part. The user should keep the cooling water cycling continuously to prevent the temperature from going up. If the temperature goes up, the raw material will be sticked and block the feeding mouth.

4.Main motor of the EPE foam extruder: The main motor is an AC motor with variable frequency and speed, which is cooled by air (with fan). The main motor is connected to the main extruder screw through a gearbox.

5.Butane input and butane pump: The butane pump is a high-pressure metering pump. This pump injects liquefied butane into the barrel at a high pressure of 10-40Mpa. Butane and melted LDPE are mixed in the entrance of the screw barrel where there is a one-way valve to ensure that the melted LDPE will not reverse flow when the barrel pressure is greater than the butane pressure, ensuring production safety.

6.Anti-shrinking agent input and anti-shrinking agent pump: The anti-shrinking agent pump sent the anti-shrinking agent into the screw barrel after heating it. The melted anti-shrink agent and LDPE are mixed in the anti-shrink agent feeding section. The feeding part is equipped with a one-way valve, so that the melted LDPE will not reverse flow when the barrel pressure is higher than the pressure of the anti-shrinking agent to ensure production safety.

7.Die part: The melted raw material is extruded from this part. The raw material begins to foam as soon as it passes through the die lip. The thickness of the EPE pearl cotton sheet depends on the die lip and the pulling speed.

8.Size-setting drum: The width of the EPE pearl cotton sheet is determined by this part, so cooling water and cooling air should be provided in this part.

9.Tractor roller: The sheet stretched by the sizing drum enters this section for traction. At this time, the traction speed should be balanced to ensure the quality of the sheet. The diameter of the traction roller is φ350 ~ 2200mm, and it is equipped with a variable speed motor to adjust the traction speed.

Double-station automatic meter counting overturning and winding machine: This section is equipped with a meter counter that can set the length of the sheet. When the length of one roller reaches the set requirement, it can overturn 180 °automatically and the second roller starts working while the first roller stops. 

Epe Foam Extruder,Epe Foam Sheet Extruder

Our EPE machine(Epe Foam Extruder,Epe Foam Sheet Extruder) adopts innovative technology and it can be operated full-automatically. It is equipped with an automatic thickness adjustment device. It can also change the net automatically without stopping the machine or break the sheets.  The electrical control system is selected from well-known international brands, The temperature control system is digital display type and the temperature can be controlled automatically, the motor is explosion-proof type, the machine is controlled by frequency controller, there is also recycling cooling water to cool the barrel, so the whole line is energy saving, high efficient, safe and stable. 

The products made by our Epe foam extruder(Epe Foam Sheet Extruder) are white and delicate with high foaming ratio. The customer can also change different mould and auxiliary machines to make other products such as foam pipes, foam rods, foam nets, foam profiles, etc to achieve one machine with multiple purposes.

Why choose our EPE foam extruder(Epe Foam Sheet Extruder)?

1.We are professional and dedicated. Since its establishment in 2003, we have been specialized in making epe machines and auxiliary equipments. For 17 years, we have always been open-minded to listen to customers’ suggestions. With the continuous research and development of our engineers, the epe machines we make are far ahead of our peers.

2.The EPE foam sheet produced by our EPE foaming machine has "high foaming ratio and light weight". With the same raw materials and the same thickness, without affecting the quality of the sheet, the length of the foamed sheet produced by our equipment is far longer than that made by our competitors’ machines, giving customers a greater competitive advantage in the market.

3.Our equipments have high-standard configuration, they work stably and have a low failure rate. The main electrical parts are all well-known brands from China and foreign countries. 

4.Good payment terms. The customers can see the machine testing or visit our customers’ factories before they decide to buy. After they pay the down payment, before shipment, the customers can come to check the machine testing. Only after the machine makes perfect products which meet the customers’ requirement will they pay the balance.

5.We offer service of installation, we also train technicians until the customers master the technology completely. 

6.The equipment has a high degree of automation, effectively improves production efficiency, and greatly reduces personnel labor intensity. The equipment includes automatic material feeding, automatic alarm for material shortage, automatic hydraulic screen changer, automatic meter counting for rewinding, and automatic alarm turning. The sheet thickness adjustment and tear-proof device is unique to our company.

7.We can customize special standard machines and auxiliary machines according to customers’ requirements.

8.We offer professional pre-sale consultation as well as the best after-sale service. we have after-sale offices in some countries such as India, Brazil to offer customers training and the best after-sale service.we offer 24-hour failure declaration and come up with solutions for customers in the shortest time. Email:info@epesky.com

epe foam sheet making machine  pe foam extruder  


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